How to Wear Tights With Different Shoe Styles

How to Wear Tights With Different Shoe Styles

How many types of shoes do you have in your wardrobe? Between heels and boots, you probably have at least five different shoe types. You might be surprised that you can actually wear all of them with your favorite tights, if you only know how to mix them together in a chic yet seamless manner.

Read on to know how you can make the most of both your shoes and tights!

1. Tights With Heels

If you have some
plain high heels, you can pair them dark tights with a wee bit of shimmer, like
our Diamond Shimmering Fashion Tights. If your
heels are textured, such as suede, you can opt for a flat or semi-opaque pair,
like our Cortina 40- Semi-Opaque Tights in Bright Colors.

2. Tights With Mary Janes

Mary Jane shoes are
not only cute. They also provide extra security. They are also great for any
occasion and setting, whether for formal events or a normal day at the office.

If you’re wearing
your Mary Janes, make sure you choose a pair of tights that’s within the same
color palette as your shoes. For instance, if you have a glossy black pair of
Mary Jane shoes, you can wear a pair of gray tights with it, such as our Arctic 500 Microfiber Tights in Grey. You can
also go for a black sheer one, such as these Intrigante Tulle Thigh Highs.

3. Tights With Open-Toes

If you think that
you couldn’t wear tights and open-toe shoes together, think again. One of the
best ways to wear open-toe shoes with tights is to choose a pair of thick,
opaque tights that’s a shade lighter than your shoes. This way, your toes will
still show, albeit covered.

For example, if
you’re wearing black open-toe heels, pair it with a dark-smoke thick tights,
such as our Bellissima K2 300 Den 3D Microfiber Tights.

4. Tights With Boots

Whether you’re
wearing your tights with ankle, knee-high, or thigh-high boots, the key is to
ensure contrast in terms of texture. If you’re wearing glossy boots, then you
should opt for matte, opaque tights. It’s best to go for plain tights, so that
your ensemble won’t be too much to the eyes. Our Cortina 100- 3D Opaque Tights are sure to do
the job right.

By the way, it’s
not only the shoes that you should look at when planning your outfit. You
should also make sure that your top or dress goes well with your tights and

For fashionable and
high-quality tights and other European hosiery, explore!

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