How To Wear Tights & Sandals

Sandals With Tights

With the autumn and winter months ahead of us, it’s the perfect time of year to consider transitional style. While to many of us this might mean investing in a warmer jacket or a long sleeved dress, here at Luxury-Legs we’re looking at how we can start to wear tights with some of our favourite summer footwear.

Tights aren’t usually part of our summer wardrobes, meaning we never have to consider what we’ll wear with sandals, but if you’re just not ready to kiss goodbye to your favourite pair of heeled sandals in early autumn, we’ve got some great style solutions for you to consider.

The thought of socks and sandals is enough to make us cringe – we all know that it’s pretty much a style no-no! But tights and sandals? Well that’s something we could work with.

Tights & Sandals for Spring/Summer

We’re finding that summer is clinging on later and later each year, so if you’re sticking with your summer style all the way through September, it stands to reason that you’ll want to know how to style tights and sandals for the end of summer!

There are plenty of reasons we might be more comfortable wearing tights with our summer wardrobes – perhaps we like that tights can give our legs a little more colour, or that they offer gentle support? There’s no reason to sacrifice the comfort that tights can bring just because want to wear sandals. You’ll find plenty of natural toeless tights and sandal toe tights here at Luxury-Legs – perfect for styling with your favourite pair of sandals or open toed shoes! No-one will ever know you’re wearing tights at all…

Sandals With Natural Tights

What’s The Difference Between Toeless Tights & Sandal Toe Tights?

A question we’re often asked is what is the difference between toeless tights and sandal toe tights. The simple answer is that toeless tights…don’t have toes. Whereas sandal toe tights are simply designed without any colouration or seam in the toe for a consistent tone that doesn’t draw the eye to the fact you’re wearing tights! Simple.

Tights & Sandals for Autumn/Winter

While you’re likely to be swapping out your summer sandals for a cosy pair of boots when autumn and winter really hit, there’s a funny transitional period in September and early October that means you can still get away with your summer footwear favourites such as sandals or open toed shoes without looking completely out of season!

There’s naturally going to be a bit more of a chill though, so how can you style tights and sandals for autumn? We think that autumn is a great time to showcase bold colours, so opting for opaque tights in bold colours can be a real style statement that harks back to the fashions of the nineties – which as we know is a huge comeback trend once again this year!

If you prefer to stick to neutral tones rather than make a bold statement with your tights, many of our sandal toe tights are available in higher deniers, making them a great cosy pick that can work with your favourite pair of sandals in early autumn.

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