How To Style Patterned Tights

There are so many different kind of patterned tights and different ways to style them. If you want some tips of how to get started, which kind of pattern to choose and how to style patterned tights, here are 4 of our top tips!

#1 Mix Up Fashion Styles

Use patterned tights to blend two different kind of styles! This outfit is a great example, as she is wearing a casual, sporty outfit which she has mixed with fun, girly polka dot tights. It really makes the casual outfit look a lot more put together and makes the whole thing a bit more light and fun.

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#2 Show Off the Pattern

If the pattern goes all the way down to your toes, make sure you show it off! Sandals or strappy heels with tights are really in fashion right now, so wear something small and strappy to show the pattern.

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