How To Style Colorful Tights

Some people think that colorful tights are intimidating, having such a bright color on your legs, but we say colorful tights are great! You just have to think carefully about how you’ll style them and embrace the fun color.

1: Embrace the color with a matching piece

Wearing bright colorful tights? Embrace it and push it to the maximum by adding a piece to your outfit in that same color, like in this stunning white and green outfit with green tights and a green coat. You could add the color in an accessory if you don’t want it in your outfit, by adding a colorful hangbag or jewellery to match your tights. Draw attention to the great color!

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2: Show as much of the tights as you can!

The best way to style bright, colorful tights is by showing them off as much as you can by pairing them with a mini skirt or short shorts. We love the miniskirt Cara Delevingne is wearing here – and she combines this with tip number 1, to wear an item in the same color as the tights!

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