How To Choose the Right Hosiery for Your Body Shape


Tips For Choosing The Right Hosiery According To Your Body Shape

Before choosing the right hosiery, you should be aware of the shape of your body shape and know your advantages and disadvantages. If you know your proportions, all you need is to balance your features with the help of the appropriate hosiery. There are several body shapes:


Approximately 20% of women have this body shape. The triangle means that your hips are wider than the shoulders. Your goal is to minimize your hips.

What to wear

Go for hosiery of a dark color and with at 41+ denier thickness as it will make the legs visually slimmer. Besides, to achieve a slimmer silhouette, wear sleek tights with vertical stripes.

What to avoid

Textured tights will make the body bulkier and tights with horizontal stripes or lines will make your hips bigger.



About 46% of women have this body shape. The rectangle means that your hips and shoulders are balanced, but the waistline isn’t defined. Your goal is to create alluring curves and define the waistline.

What to wear

Go for control top pantyhose style. It covers the tummy and smooths out the legs and thighs. Besides, it is slimming so that you have a waistline. The tights should elongate the leg area, so they should be dark or have a vertical print.

The best texture for the pantyhose is the blend of nylon and spandex, it will be stretchy, but fixing at the same time. As for the pattern, opt a floral or abstract print, it will add volume.

What to avoid

It’s better not to wear tights and stockings that make your legs seem shorter than they actually are – in particular, hosiery with horizontal stripes.


Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle means that your shoulders are wider than the hips. You should accentuate your lower body.

What to wear

Wear the tights or the stockings of the same color as your heels are. This trick will help you to make the legs longer and accentuate them. Also, wear fashionably printed tights as they will draw attention to your legs. Don’t be afraid of loud and extravagant designs and colors as they will only emphasize your lower body.

What to avoid

Plain and monochrome tights without bright details aren’t suitable.



Hourglass means that you have a perfect balance with a defined waistline. Only 8% of women have this body shape. Your goal is to emphasize your curves.

What to wear

Legs hosiery should enhance your curves. Dark hues will make the legs slimmer, whereas bright colors and patterns add visual volume to the leg line.

What to avoid

Body hosiery, which suppresses your curves, should be avoided.


Round (Oval)

Approximately 14% of women have this body shape. The oval means that the waist is wider than the hips and shoulders. You should create the illusion of the waistline and put an emphasis on your legs.

What to wear

Choose the shaping brief as it sits over the tummy. Therefore, the size of your waist is reduced and there is the illusion of the thin waistline. As for the thickness, semi-opaque is your win-win option. Besides, you may choose a vertical pattern, which will make your legs look more elegant.

What to avoid

Too volumetric prints may overload the whole look. Sheer to waist tights aren’t acceptable as they don’t hide the tummy.


Thus, hosiery is one of the most effective ways to enhance your appearance, balance problem areas, adjust the proportions and emphasize your merits. But before buying another set of tights or stockings, define your body shape. Once you’ve done it, you will choose the most flattering set, which will only highlight your assets.


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