How To Choose the Right Hosiery for Your Body Shape


Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Hosiery

In the modern world, there is a great variety of different hosiery and that is why your choice becomes challenging as to opt for the most flattering pair is really difficult. So, if you’ve made up your mind, consider these factors.


The fit is paramount while choosing the right hosiery. You should buy the right size. For this, measure the widest part of your hips and using the hip and height measurement, choose the proper size of the legs hosiery. If you have long legs, buy one size larger.

Plus, think about the thickness. If you want your skin to be visible through the tights, go for sheer or ultra-sheer thickness. However, if you want something more reserved, choose semi-opaque or opaque thickness.

Also, the tights and stockings should fit the weather. If it is hot, choose lower deniers, whereas high deniers are suitable for cold weather.

On top of that, the fit is not only about the size, the fit is how stockings or tights flatter your shape and enhance your appearance. For larger ladies, it is recommended to choose something with vertical stripes or an upward pattern. It will elongate the legs and make it visually slimmer. However, there is a trick with a vertical pattern. If there is only one vertical stripe on the tights or the stockings, only women with perfectly straight legs can wear them. Otherwise, the curviness will be emphasized.

For lean ladies, tights or stockings with round patterns (flowers, polka dots) are a win-win option as they create the necessary volume and add the curviness where it is needed.


Even if you choose tights and stockings that fit you perfectly and look stylish, if they aren’t appropriate for the occasion, they will look out of place.

If you are going to attend a formal meeting, go for reserved tights or stockings. If it will be an informal gathering, pick something more eye-catching. However, don’t go to the extreme as in any case, you should look well-dressed.

Colors & Finish

Color is vital if you want to create a polished look. It’s easier to put a whole look together with black or gray tights. They work perfectly for official meetings, religious ceremonies, and nights out.

If you want to stand out, go for vivid shades. For instance, yellow tights work well with muted colors. Red tights are also great. Studies show that red implies confidence and power. So, all red looks convey the message of self-confidence.

In the meantime, avoid pale colors like blue and pink as they appear insubstantial and too eye-catching colors like orange and purple should be also avoided as they can be distracting.

As for the finish, shiny hosiery gives a perfect shine and feels silky and smooth against your legs. Matte hosiery is more durable, subtle and is appropriate for any occasion. Speaking about hosiery with a slight sheen, it softens the appearance of the legs and may be worn both during the day and evening.

Brief & Toes

Take into account the shape of your body shape. If you have bulges, then choose a control top, which can hide the tummy and reduce the size of the hips. Also, think about the type of clothes you’ll wear. If it is delicate clothes, choose a sheer to waist or V-line brief. If you want something more durable, go for a boxer brief.

As for the toes, the type depends on the shoes you’ll be wearing. Thus, an open toe fits sandals, whereas a reinforced toe is better for the enclosed shoes.

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