How To Choose the Right Hosiery for Your Body Shape

Choosing right hosiery is always a tricky thing, as your choice goes far beyond the size and the color. You should consider the pattern on the item, its size and style, how it flatters your shape and how it goes with your outfit. If you are thinking about choosing the right hosiery for your body, here you’ll find out about major hosiery features, factors to take into account while making your choice, and tips to will help make your choice.

Features Of Hosiery

Choosing the best hosiery can be both an exciting and intimidating experience. Getting familiar with the different features of tights will help you to figure out which will be ideal for you. So, think about the following features before making a purchase:



  • Ultra-Sheer (less than 10 denier)


It gives a perfect bare leg look and hides leg blemishes. Also, it allows the skin to breathe. Therefore, it is a perfect option for summer.


  • Sheer (10-20 denier)


It is durable, but not very thick. This thickness is perfect for everyday wear.


  • Semi-Opaque (21-40 denier)


It’s functional as it allows long-lasting wear and is comfortable for autumn and spring.


  • Opaque (41-59 denier)


It gives the same coverage as semi-opaque does, but it doesn’t show the skin underneath. It’s perfect for winter.


  • Thick Opaque (70-99 denier)


This thickness makes hosiery extremely durable and long-lasting. Plus, it keeps legs warm in low temperatures and may be an alternative to wool tights.


The type of the toe determines the type of footwear you combine with stockings.


  • Sheer Toe


The thickness is the same throughout the leg and it may be worn with sandals.


  • Open Toe


The toe has an opening. So, it is recommended to wear them with shoes which show your toes.


  • Reinforced Toe


The toe is more durable and the weave and denier are different from the foot and leg.


  • Footlets


The thickness is the same in the leg, foot, and toe. They may be worn with sandals.


  • Toelets


They may be worn with peep toe shoes as they have an opening in the toe area.


  • Knee High


They are knee-high and durable. Look perfect with flats and sneakers.


The brief is the section of the hosiery which starts at the waist or hip and finishes at the top of the thigh. The brief is characterized by the shape and the support level. Due to these features, hosiery may be categorized in the following groups:


  • Sheer To Waist


There is no difference in the denier between the leg and the brief area. This type may be worn under delicate and short clothes.


  • Boxer Brief


The denier and the weave are thicker on the brief. It is durable and resembles shorts.


  • V-Line


Has a thicker denier and weave on the brief line, but is shaped like regular underwear. It is durable, but won’t be seen under the clothes.


  • Shaping Brief


It features the waistband, which sits over the tummy and has a thicker brief. It is able to reduce the size of the waist and hips.


  • Maternity


The waistband covers the bump and is located close to the bra line. The front of the brief features comfort panels that expand to accommodate your growing stomach.


  • Stay Ups


Stockings sit on the thighs and they are fixed by the elastics.


  • A Suspender Belt


Stockings with a suspender belt (a garter belt) are quite popular. They are worn on thighs and sit on them with the help of a garter belt. It’s a piece of lingerie that’s worn around the waist, with four or six straps that hang down and get clipped onto the top of the stocking.

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