How Do I Wear Novelty Tights?

How Do I Wear Novelty Tights?

Novelty tights are cute, they’re standout, and they’re everywhere on high fashion runways. While many see them and love them, few feel comfortable actually taking them for a spin. So, how do you wear novelty tights? All it takes is a little confidence and a love for trying something new. Tights are a staple throughout the fall and winter seasons, so you have plenty of time to try out new looks and really have fun playing around with the many different looks achieved with novelty tights.

If you’re just trying out novelty tights, one really easy way to play it safe but still have fun is to focus on designs above the knee. These designs create a precious sort of peek-a-boo when worn with shorts or skirts, and they’re incredibly easy to pair with various looks. Our Cat Tights by Pretty Polly have a black lower half, nude upper half, and what separates the two is an adorable cat face print that rests a couple of inches above the knee. While wearing a skirt, you’ll see the opaque black lower half with just a fun peek of the nude upper and cat face.

Another way to have fun with novelty tights without ever worrying about going overboard is by seeking out tights that have small details, or “surprise” details, rather than an all-over pattern. The Butterfly 20 Fashion Sheers feature a sheer black overall look with an opaque butterfly detail by the ankle; a perfect peek a boo novelty look that is delightfully understated.

Once you master the smaller peek a boo novelty tight looks, you’ll then feel more comfortable breaking into some of the bolder styles. What you’ll find is that it becomes easier to craft outfits to go along with your hosiery, and to treat your hosiery as the statement piece it can be. At we have the novelty tights that range from simple and subtle to stand-out and statement. To see what we have in store for you, check out our inventory at today!

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