Hottest Trends to Buy in Hosiery

Hottest Trends to Buy in Hosiery Sheer stockings Pantyhose BellaConte

Many women seek and desire to look sensual and romantically feminine. Investing in hosiery is the best styling trick to ignite your confidence and flaunt your beauty assets with pride. In this article, we will introduce you to the hottest trends to buy in hosiery this season.

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Dots Sheer Thin 20 den fantasy pantyhose BellaConte

Are you looking for a sensual hosiery trend that you can flaunt outside of the bedroom? Ladies, there’s simply no going wrong with sheer stockings. This is one trend you simply must buy in hosiery!

These elaborately sheer and sensual delights will amplify the glamour of your curvaceous shapely legs regardless of what you chose to pair. A sheath dress, a pencil skirt or even a skater dress with a leather jacket are perfect. This season, dotted sheer stockings are by far the hottest hosiery trend. They provide you both sophistication and effortless ease, while the sexy Swiss dots amplify the boldness that takes classic sheers to a whole new level of sensual glamour.

Hottest Trends to buy in hosiery – Fishnets & Diamond Nets (Breeze)

BREEZE Fantasy collection BellaConte 1

Ladies who like to stand out in the crowd with a dramatically eccentric statement that is edgy need to move past the classic sophistication of sheer stockings. Flaunt the boldness of fishnets and diamond nets with mesh or net texture and patterns which stand out and demand attention. They give edgy glamour to your outfit, regardless of what you chose to pair them up with.

This season, BellaConte introduced BREEZE 50 den mat fashion tights with an ajour pattern in the form of small diamonds.  These diamond nets are undoubtedly an edgy trend to buy in hosiery. One pair of these nearly 3D motifs is all you need to rock the season with sassy nightlife statements.

When it comes to pantyhose a woman has a great deal of variety, options and textures to find what best suits her taste, her outfit and the statement she is trying to channel.

For instance, if you want to create an elegant and Shape control 20 den BellaConteladylike statement with a floral or tonal sheath dress, you need to pick out sophisticated nude pantyhose that will give a shapely structure to your legs without being too transparent.

Control 20 den is a perfect choice.

CONTROL 20 den gives a special charm to your silhouette, highlighting its natural beauty. Flexible elongated panties guarantee excellent support in the abdomen as well as a slender waist and graceful hipline.

Does anyone remember the iconic Christian Louboutin stockings statement in black that run sensually etched lines and graphic accents across the back of the lines and the heels? Sexy and sheer black pantyhose is the ultimate trick to play up some flirtatiously playful energy in your outfit. Certainly, tights with a back seam will never go out of style. Obviously, they are the hottest trends to buy in hosiery. It is that ultimate classic that stands for femininity and power. In contrast to 50 years ago, though, there are no rules to how you should wear a great pair of tights with a seam – under a classic dress or under a casual tunic sweater – everything is allowed!

Check our STELLA 20 den fantasy tights with “backside seam imitation” application.

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