Hosiery Trends and Basic Style Guide

Hosiery Trends and Basic Style Guide

Many people question whether or not they should wear hosiery to certain events or with certain outfits. We wear socks to protect our feet and shoes, right? So, why not use our hosiery like stockings and pantyhose to do the same without all the bulk that socks have.

With hosiery, you can choose from a variety of different colors, styles, and materials, and they can add texture and style to virtually any outfit you have for any occasion. Hosiery has always been a classic fashion accessory, and we are here to share a few of the newest hosiery trends and show you how to style your next outfit.

Ditching the Bare Legs

Hosiery made a big comeback last fall, and people are ditching the bare-legged look for something a bit warmer and a lot sexier. You can never go wrong with a pair of basic black tights, but if you want to take more of a risk, then you should consider colors and other embellishments to adorn your legs.

Workplace Chic

Lace tights were also seen on runways this year and inspire an eighties evening wear vibe, while the basic black tights with casual business separates are perfect for the office work environment. Pair your work outfit and black tights with a cute pair of stilettos or lace-up boots, and you have a winning outfit.

Bold and Vintage

For a more daring look, bright colors, Boho style outfits, and boldly colored fishnet tights are all the rage and add a pop of color and personality to any outfit. Mustard tights with lace-up boots or embellished and ribbed black tights with an eclectic pair of shoes are also showstoppers.

Not Just for Skirts and Dresses

It is also worth mentioning that hosiery doesn’t need to be worn only when the legs are showing. Hosiery is also perfect to wear under a pair of slacks. When you wear hosiery under your pants or slacks, you can stay warmer in cooler weather and can still rock those heels you absolutely love.

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