Hosiery History: Understanding Why They’re Not Yet History in Fashion

Hosiery History: Understanding Why They’re Not Yet History in Fashion

When one thinks of hosiery, it’s easy to picture an empowered woman who knows how to rock patterned or sheer hosiery while looking like an ever-classy lady. Some may even picture women from earlier centuries who wear hosiery underneath their long skirts.

Hosiery as a fashion statement has come a long way. It has evolved through many styles and materials. And while we at Hosieree.com carry brands that offer only the best quality hosiery, it’s good to look back and see where this fashion statement started.

The Evolution of

Hosiery dates back to
as far as the 9th century, where the crudest of materials—including gut strands to act as
suspenders—were used. This evolved to woven stockings, knitted pairs, and
synthetic yarns.

As the material
evolved, so did the use of hosiery. Did you know that in the earlier centuries,
men also wore hosiery? While it might be a sight to imagine men in tights or
lacy hosiery, they actually wore it even before women did! 

Hosiery was even used
as a way to distinguish between social classes. This is because the members of
the upper class would wear white or colored stockings, while those from the
lower class will wear black. Considering the nature of work that the lower-class
citizens had to do, this difference in hosiery colors made sense.

From Panti-Legs to

Even the pantyhose
has an interesting back story. According to records, Allen E. Gant supposedly first created the pantyhose in 1959 for his wife, Ethel
Boone Gant. Ethel was pregnant, and had a hard time going on trips because
women were expected to wear thigh-high stockings, girdle, and garter, which did
not sit well with pregnancy.

Gant got to work
sewing stockings onto panties, which his wife was able to use. Gant took these
to a clothing mill and created better prototypes that finally churned out the
pantyhose that we know today.

Politics of Pantyhose

There was also a time
in hosiery’s history that it became a statement for women. As the fashion industry saw an
overall revolution, bare legs also seemed to embody freedom and comfort.
Perhaps the issue was more in the expectations from women regarding fashion
more than the dislike for pantyhose.

Nowadays, hosiery has
become a part of women’s fashion. Some use it as part of their uniforms and
outfits for the daily grind. Others wear it as an expression of themselves and
their fashion sense. 

The beauty of hosiery
is that, despite the fluctuations of use and perspective on these
undergarments, it has evolved with the times. Now, it is more common to see
colored tights or lacey stockings as part of one’s fashion statement, proof
that hosiery is here to stay.

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