Hose Tights: Screen Printed Patterns

Hose. is an independent brand based in Brighton, England – just like one of our writers! All of their tights are sourced in Italy, and they then create cute, fun patterns which are screen printed onto the tights.

“All our screen printing is still done in house which gives us the freedom to work on custom orders and to work at short notice,” says Hose. This means that if you’re looking to get a pair of tights with a custom pattern, get in touch with Hose!


We love these Brighton inspired tights! Hose. teamed up with local artist, Martha Mitchell, to use her signature Brighton illustrations for these tights. They feature some of Brighton’s beautiful landmarks and are a great tribute to the brand’s hometown!

Shop here: https://www.hosetights.co.uk/products/coming-soon-black-brighton-tights

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