Here’s What You Should Be Wearing To Bed

Here’s What You Should Be Wearing To Bed

Everyone has had a pair of pajamas at some point in their lives. Maybe you had Wonder Woman footie PJ’s when you were six years old, or maybe you still have a pair. But the truth is, most adults have no idea what they should be wearing to get a good night’s sleep. By gathering information from the experts, we’ve put together a list of three things to wear to ensure you sleep well tonight.

1) Nothing. Sleeping in the nude can give you the best night of sleep ever. Without clothes, you have a free range of motion without having anything ride up into undesirable places. Your birthday suit also lowers your body temperature to put you into a deep state of slumber. If you have kids, or nearby neighbors, be sure to have a comfortable robe nearby to cover up in a pinch.

2) Breathable Pajamas. Loose fitting pajamas that are made with moisture wicking materials will give you a great night of sleep. Be sure they’re loose and cozy. Our B40 Pajamas are super soft and easy to wear. They absorb perspiration and provide a lightweight alternative to enhance your sleep. And they’re pretty, too.

3) Lightweight Socks. If your feet are too cold at night, you’ll have trouble falling asleep. Wearing a breathable sock in a lightweight material can actually help you fall asleep 15 minutes faster. Stay away from heavy materials or compression socks, and choose cotton socks that help you settle in.

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