Heist – the new Wolford?

We have discovered Heist Studios a while ago. I think it was last Christmas when I bought a few pairs to my dear love, and the reason was simple: the hosiery came at the price level of Wolford.

So my beloved one did what poor people do with luxury items: they try them on, and then put them into the drawer.

Even I myself was cautious and retained from trying them.


But I love their story: a film producer is traveling with his wife, and the wife complains about how uncomfortable hosiery are. Then the producer starts to think, and produces – not a new film, but a new kind of hosiery.

He goes on with investigating the whole case, goes after how and where hosiery are made, why they aren’t comfortable, and step by step gets closer to the product that becomes Heist at the end.

Heist means in film a kind of subgenre: it’s a story of theft, with the preparations, execution and the aftermaths of it. I believe the current phase for Heist is the middle phase, and the big question is, will the founders have the relaxed years afterwards?

Their hosiery, of course, is a must try, but be prepared: you can snag your high-end seamless pantyhose in a second and the twenty British Pounds are gone in a second.

Indeed their waistbands are revolutional, and the quality of their product is the highest, or almost the highest possible.

I don’t know how much you know about producing seamless hosiery, but it’s different to the traditional process: they basically sew a long tube, and cut a hole in the middle. That hole will be the waist. It’s a complicated process, and we found that the less sheer materials get a bit tired a bit too early at several points.

But we will go on with our own investigation, and let you know the details.

Until then, visit their beautiful shop, and buy for yourself or for someone else, if you can allow it. They offer free shipping to the whole Earth now: https://www.heist-studios.com/

Win win win!

After publishing this article, we have decided to launch a simple game – you can now win two pairs of these fantastic tights! Check this link: https://www.tights.fun–all-tables-with-prefix/win-2-pairs-of-heist-tights/

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