Guest posts publishing from your blog

We are always happy to publish guest posts from fashion bloggers. We don’t mind if your blog is not viewed by millions… what we care about is that:

– Your article connects to tights or swimwear
– You have at least three original images in your article
– At least part of the text is in English
– You add a Featured Image to the post (optimal size is 750×400 pixels, something similar is OK).

It’s a self service thing. We create a login for you at and you create your post. (We are on WordPress.) Actually, you can just copy-paste your existing post, it works seamlessly. After we check the post and publish.

You can keep all your links, including promotional and shopping links; even custom ads if you have – the only rule is that they should be relevant and fit the overall image of our website.

What’s more, your the article will be shown in our FB , Twitter and Pinterest feeds.

After we publish your post, your are free to… create the next one. We keep your account as long as you want to have it, and you are welcome to post anytime.

If you are interested, send an email to chan (at) tights (dot) fun!

Note: Longer articles should be paginated – we do it when checking them. If you want to do it on your own, then enter this code in text mode (you find the switch in the upper right corner of the edit box):
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