Fun and Chic Ways to Wear Tights This Coming Holidays

Fun and Chic Ways to Wear Tights This Coming Holidays

This coming holiday season, you will probably go to a number of gatherings and parties. You don’t have to stress yourself out thinking about what to wear each time you’re going out. With the right bottoms, mixing and matching will be a breeze!

Many think that leggings and tights are too casual to wear to events, but there’s actually a lot of ways you can make it fun and chic. Here are five classy and easy ways to wear leggings and tights this coming holiday.

1. Go Metallic

Match a winter
legging, like our 3D Winter Leggings with a sparkly, metallic
tunic. It’s best if you’d go monochromatic, with the sparkly and metallic
fibers of your top serving as the highlight of your outfit. You can finish your
look with an equally captivating dangling or chandelier earrings, and knee-high
suede boots from the same color palette. A velvet bag will also go well with
this look.

2. The Classic White Shirt

A pair of leggings
such as our Bellissima Leggings Push Up With Modeling Effect
will go well with a crisp white shirt, preferably one that rests at the hip.
Then, spice up your look with some holiday-themed accessories. Think red and
gold drop earrings and a shiny red handbag.

3. From Dress to Top

Do you have a
festive-colored dress that’s too short to be worn on a winter day? Get it out
of the closet and wear it with a glossy pair of tights like our Black Brilliant Tights. Essentially, you’re
turning the dress into a tunic and you won’t have to wait for summer to wear
it. Grab some suede booties to mix up the textures of your outfit.

4. Cozy Up in a Sweater

Just because it’s
cold out and you can’t go out without a sweater doesn’t mean you can’t be chic
and fab. For instance, you can pair our Artica 120 Tights in Wool and Cotton with your
favorite turtleneck sweater. If you’re still feeling cold, a pair of knee-high
boots can add extra warmth. Make sure you accessorize with statement earrings.

5. Make It Pop

Another great way
to embody the season’s festivities is to wear a bold and bright pair of
leggings or tights and match it with a neutral-colored top. Check out our Margit Fashion Tights that come in three color
options or the Uppsala Wet Looking Tights that come in seven
festive colors. is
your source for fun and chic tights and leggings that you can wear no
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