Flight Attendants Must Wear Pantyhose

Flight Attendants Must Wear Pantyhose BellaConte

Flight Attendants Must Wear Pantyhose – Pantyhose has added to the style of well-dressed women since the early years of the 20th century. Whilst the trend has ebbed and flowed throughout the decades, there is one industry where pantyhose have become indispensable. This is the Air Travel Industry.  Ground Crew, Ticketing Staff, and Air Crew are required by many Airlines to wear stockings or pantyhose. This is a  part of their everyday work uniform.  There are a number of strong reasons for this requirement.

Why Do Flight Attendant Wear Pantyhose?

Pantyhose – Uniform Standards

Most airlines add dense pantyhose as part of the strict uniform standards. They have to buy high-quality hosiery or dense tights to complete their uniform.

Air New Zealand flight attendants must wear black opaque 50 dens and up. Bella Conte Limited offers a big range of pantyhose for flight attendants from 50 dens to 220 dens. You can also buy nude/natural pantyhose online too ranging from 8 deniers to 40 dens in Classic, Modelling or Body Shaping styles

Pantyhose – Look smart and Professional

Pantyhose adds style and panache to every woman’s wardrobe. They can hide many imperfections such as cellulite, bumps, moles, pimples, varicose veins and other such drawbacks that the wearer may wish to hide. Moreover, flight attendants wish to look their best and wear pantyhose so as to look as perfect and professional as possible.

Pantyhose – Elegant Legs

You must have noticed that flight attendants look perfect and elegant because correctly selected superior quality pantyhose covers all the flaws. Pantyhose smoothes out all the bulges as well as giving fine shape to the legs.

Support and compression – Healthcare

There are multiple health benefits to be gained from wearing pantyhose. Pantyhose help in the support and compression of legs, bringing relief from long hours on your feet whilst at work. Tights can also prevent the nasty shoe blisters and the associated discomfort. BellaConte offers special ‘support and compression’ pantyhose for flight attendants – ‘Active Soft’ 20 and 40 dens available to buy online.

Best for fall/winter

During cold days, pantyhose will keep your legs cozy and warm whilst still accentuating beauty and style. It’s great to buy hosiery in winter. For winter, cotton 150 den stretchy and warm cotton tights are must-haves. BellaConte sells Triumph Microfiber pantyhose 220 den, heavy winter microfibers tights with 3Deffect and double layer structure making them the best and most essential winter accessory – buy online.

Can Every Woman Wear Pantyhose?

Due to their multiple health and safety benefits and in order to look chic, every woman can wear pantyhose on a daily basis. You will look professional, well-dressed, active and sophisticated.

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