Dress your toes in nylon – one by one with Five Toe Stocking

Five toe stocking pantyhoseHave you ever dreamed about having the same freedom for your toes just as for your fingers? Now you can buy your dream hosiery: the Five Toe Stocking from Nylonjounal.com (US). They actually seem to be pantyhose, so it’s less hassle when putting them on (less we mean less one, apart from dressing the ten toes).

Very useful if you…

– write or draw with your feet (or want to learn it) and you still want to wear nylons
– plan to do a puppet theatre play with your toes and need colored characters
– want to practice dressing up really small things (like toes) in nylons.

Indeed you will potentially drive your hosiery fanatic men crazy with them!

Link to purchase: http://www.nylonjournal.com/five-toe-stockings.html

Image courtesy of Nylonjournal.com.


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