Extra support arrives from Comfort4men with 2 new products

Mantyhose - pantyhose for men as a fashion item

When it’s the time of long-haul flights, car, bus and train drives, putting an extra pressure on your legs helps a lot.

Luckily Comfort4men.com – the manufacturer of ultra-high-quality compression hosiery for men – just came out with extra large designs.

They are my personal favorite – I received from them a few pairs two years ago and still using two of those mantyhose. Also, they were the first hosiery that gave me the relevation after one really-really long day noticing that my legs were not heavy like stone.

The new XL mantyhose are available in black and skin colors, with the usual male comfort panel, in high and low waist versions (direct links to the products):

70 den high waist

70 den low waist

140 den high waist

140 den low waist

The thicker are the most supportive – I simply call them ‘leg armor’ -, and they are not much warmer than the thinner versions, as the texture of the fabric is somehow lighter.

They are absolutely fine to wear with shorts – I see more and more men during excursions and outdoor activities in support hosiery.


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