Emilio Cavallini Frogs Mantyhose


I was wearing the male tights / mantyhose named ‘Frogs’ from Emilio Cavallini recently. They come in two variations, one with clean white frogs, and the other with much darker, grey frogs.

The material is pure luxury. It’s thick, but very elastic. The feeling is less nylon, more wool, so the touch feels soft. The pants are unisex, but have enough space for the male anatomy.  Sizing is fine, I didn’t feel them too tight anywhere. There are small white lines visible between the black yarns, that make the design even more interesting.

Visually they are cool. Yes they have a cool look with shorts, leaving behind the idea of ‘oh my God this guy wears tights’ and pushing to front the ‘wow this guy has great legs & legwear’ thought instead.


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