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The Rise and Rise of Athleisure

With the endless rise in the mix of leisurewear and athletic clothing, it’s only right that we address the endless growing trend which is… Athleisure! Conceived from the increasing consumer obsession with fitness and the laid back style of celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Rita Ora, this trend has been predicted to be even bigger throughout 2018.

Perfect for social occasions, gym wear, and lounging around combined, this sporty style has been dominating the runways for the past few years, including for the amazing Tommy Hilfiger.

Perhaps the reasons why Athleisure has been a red hot trend and is currently the biggest trend in America, stems from the persistent use of the style by celebrities such as Kanye West in conjunction with Adidas, and Beyoncé’s phenomenal success with Ivy Park. Online brands such as Boohoo, have taken advantage of the opportunity, by launching sporty, yet classy night outfits in the form of striped trousers, crop tops and quirky socks.

Now YOU can take advantage of this rapidly growing trend, as Pamela Mann delves into the world of Athleisure!

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