Do I Always Have To Handwash My Hosiery?

Do I Always Have To Handwash My Hosiery?

Handwashing hosiery is the best way to take care of your hose, it’s true. When buying high-quality European or American made hosiery, like our Italian made Regina 40 Den Thigh Highs, the main goal is to keep your hosiery in its best shape through years of wear, and we at understand well the interest in taking care of your hosiery investment. However, particularly in the winter months when hosiery is a near-requirement, handwashing hosiery over and over again can be daunting when you’re busy juggling an already full schedule.

While machine washing
hosiery regularly isn’t recommended, there are ways it can be done occasionally
without doing damage to your hose. First and foremost, you’ll want to opt for
the most gentle detergent possible, and you’ll want to make absolute sure that
the detergent you choose uses absolutely no bleach. Baby detergents and wool
detergents tend to work best when washing your hosiery in a washing machine.
Next, you’ll want to turn your hosiery inside out before getting them ready for
the wash. When hosiery is left as worn, you risk lint buildup and pilling on
the exterior of the hosiery, which can be easily prevented simply by turning
them inside out.

When washing your
hosiery, you don’t want to put hosiery into the machine unprotected. Snags,
pulling, and all kinds of damage can befall your hosiery when its exposed to
the inner workings of a washing machine, and it should always be placed in a
hosiery bag or a closed pillowcase before going into the machine. This kind of
protection allows the water and soap to get through, but adds a layer of
protection before the hose itself.

When washing, always use
cold water on a delicate cycle, as this protects the color and texture of your
hosiery. Any type of heat or rigorous washing can pull color and form from your
hosiery, even if the hosiery is kept in a hosiery bag while being washed.

While washing hosiery in
a washing machine is occasionally okay, hosiery should never be dried in a
dryer. Ideally, hosiery should be placed on a clean dry towel after washing,
and rolled with the towel to gentle take moisture from the hosiery. After being
lightly towel dried, hosiery should be laid flat and allowed to fully dry
before wearing.

Even with the best care,
your hosiery may not last you forever. At, we have all the hosiery
you need to replace your old favorites, and you can check out what we have in
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