Couture Intimates at UK Tights


The product description says: Couture Ultimates is the most incredible new innovation in the leg wear world for the past decade. They are completely seamless, but more importantly, this range features the most unique knitting technique that abandons standard methods for something quite cutting edge. Couture use a carabiner-style knit that makes each thread impossible to unlink from the rest of the leg.

This means that Couture Ultimates are impossible to ladder. If you were to get a hole in these incredibly robust pair of tights, they would never continue to ladder and would stay as they were. This is the first time any design or range we have seen can make this claim, making them perhaps the best tights in the world right now.

The Anne design is a fantastic and timeless design. Black opaques are always the most popular item in the autumn and the winter, so they are sure to be in style. Opaques are more robust than sheer tights, but like anything else, they ladder when there is even a tiny hole. But now, that is a worry of the past.

Check them at and tell us your experience with them!

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