Chic Ways To Wear Colored Hosiery

Chic Ways To Wear Colored Hosiery

Colored hosiery can be a real challenge for some, but one worth taking on. On runways, top fashion designers are using colored hosiery to spice up looks of all kinds, but many women find it tough to take those looks and translate them from the runways to everyday walkways. There are a number of chic and failsafe ways to wear colored hosiery, and we at want to show you just a few you can try out during any season.

If your outfit is rather
monochromatic or heavily based on neutrals, you’re giving yourself the perfect
backdrop to show off your colored hosiery. Dove greys, whites, browns, tans, or
any neutral you may choose can be paired with colored hose for just that pop of
color you’ve been looking for. For spring, a dove grey outfit paired with our Cortina
40 Semi-Opaque Tights in Bright Colors in Lilla
will really give your
outfit a fun and simple seasonal pop.  

If pastels and bright
jewel tones are something you’re interested in for your colored hosiery
collection, there’s a really simple way to go about these looks without ever
sacrificing a “grown up” look. Brightly colored hosiery like our aforementioned
Cortina 40 Semi-Opaque Tights in Bright Colors in a shade like Tropical can
intimidate some with the worry of looking too immature in such a bold hosiery
choice. However, one can pair this hosiery with minimal oversized silhouettes
to achieve a look that’s really eye-catching. Additionally, such a retro-friendly
orange shade is ideal for pairing with 60’s inspired mod looks with absolute

Lastly, cropped denim is
an absolute springtime staple. When it comes to hosiery, that few inches of
ankle popping from the hem of your jeans should be viewed as a canvas, not as
wasted space. A bold knee-high or sock in a bright shade uses this space to
bring a new style layer to your entire ensemble. Our Attraction
Rete Fishnet Knee Highs in Rosso
are the perfect pairing for a cropped
denim look, and guide the eye right into a bold or sleek shoe choice.

Colored hosiery is a
great way to have a little fun with your outfit, and that fun can have a
distinctly refined and high-fashion look. To find the perfect hosiery to have a
little fun with your wardrobe, check out what we have at today.

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