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I just got so much positive feedback from you guys wearing tights, that I decided to share some parts of myself here.

As you know I created my first tights-related page back in 1998. My girlfriend showed me a reader’s letter in Cosmopolitan, where the writer was complaining her guys wearing tights. The ‘expert’ suggested to leave the chap and deemed him being pervert. That article made me so angry that I just sat down and registered my first domain ever. At that time, it was still a relatively new thing for me that my girlfriends accepted me & my tights. Basically I was suffering through my teen-hood, as lack of information (and lack of the Internet) kept me thinking that I had very serious problems that might be impossible to cure. So when it finally changed, it was a very specific cornerstone of my universe, that wearing tights as a guy is OK and it’s not against having a rather normal, happy life. And then came that article! I decided to fight back.

Sometime around 2008 – remember? The site was hand-made by a html editor app and looked much more exciting than now, but I could not really update it.

At that time it was a small local site, but I maintained a community and learned that there were all kind of guys wearing. So around 2003 I came up with e-MANcipate, which became, which became (while I haven’t kept e-MANcipate, I still have at will use it to release all the images that I shot to the public domain – reminding myself that I’ll have to ask Steve at Activskin, as I also shot a lot for his website).

So I thought a bit that the good old times are fading into history, but then I get those messages from you guys, saying that I was inspiring you a thousand times with my websites and photos, and you started wearing (more) openly, or accepted it, or had it accepted by others, as a result.

«– It was also Comfilon who inspired thousands of men since around 1998.

They were – and actually are – the only manufacturers who make tights only for men.

I’ll definitely go on with that story… I am still in that story anyway, just a bit later. I have three kids now (the youngest is just a few months old) and am in my second marriage. A few weeks ago my beloved Mother passed away, and also I become 45. I just realised that I myself won’t have the unlimited time that I always thought I had, to change the world, to inspire more guys to wear tights, to inspire more women to help with it.

Obviously we should start with ourselves – so where am I with wearing?

A very early study of how we can style tights for men. It’s me on the image. I used images from this shoot to approach a fashion stylist to do pro styling for the later photo shoots.

I am wearing them mostly at home, and mostly under long trousers. This winter we changed to shoeless indoor, so it’s still visible. I wear tights with shorts sometimes during weekends. My kids, of course, got used to it. Most friends know, and if they drop in they might see me wearing tights.

I also wore leggings last year, openly, with shorts. As I am afraid to wear tights openly, it’s a funny trick that I did to myself: leggings are not tights, so I don’t really feel the fear… funny isn’t it?

Even our cleaning lady got used to it (but she doesn’t see me in shorts), although she is still confused when she tries to select the sheer tights. Obviously we have lots of tights, and sometimes even ourselves can’t decide whose are they (we are more-less the same size in tights).

So that’s my intro entry. I am working on to do a review for TheTightSpot, and I am still not satisfied with the photos I took. It’s the one with Esther breastfeeding the small one, and wearing the shiny tights.

It’s a work in progress, I think we’ll use another dress, and I also have to work on the pose of the model(s) :)))

I know that the comment section is kind of out of order, but I am still struggling a bit with WordPress, as it became very unstable after going to secure / https. So please be patient a bit… more.

I think I’ll post once a week, but will always let you know on Insta. And of course, you can always drop me a line at chan (at) tights (dot) fun!

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