CARRA Hosiery: Hosiery with a Built-in Panty

CARRA Hosiery are certainly not a traditional hosiery brand! They have a ‘free the panty’ approach and are one of the first hosiery brands with a built-in panty in all of their legwear.

They are aiming to remove the stigma around going ‘commando’, and encourage women to dress boldly and freely, losing a layer by wearing their tights with a built-in panty as the first layer.

CARRA say the tights have an antimicrobial finish that inhibits the growth of bacteria, ensuring a hygienic lifestyle that is both environmentally friendly and safe.

While we love the idea of losing an unnecessary layer, it’s important to emphasize that personal hygiene should be above all! Follow their tips and do what you’re comfortable with to make sure everything is clean and well looked after.

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