Buy your tights from TightsPetite

When there’s a new shop popping up on the web, the initial question is if there are any differences compared to the others, either in their selection or prices? Can be there any differences? The answer seems to be yes, as TightsPetite has a very interesting and progressive selection, and also they sell at VERY moderate prices. You can also buy some of the newest hosiery, like the Stop and Stare tattoo tights. Our picks:


Raula 40 gloss tights, from Fiore. Sometimes we want to show shiny legs, and these tights are perfect for that!


Cashmir’ 105 herringbone patterned 200 DEN cotton tights, with a beautiful pattern made of wonderful material. It’s the brand called Gabriella, from the Northern Paradise of hosiery production (Lodz, Poland).


Hipsters microfibre tights with lace waistband – seems to be an everyday luxury that our grandmothers could never dreamed about, especially not at £5.90.

We will cover TightsPetite frequently. Till then, visit their shop today at

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