Breaking Down The Top Tights Trends Of 2020

Breaking Down The Top Tights Trends Of 2020

2020 has just begun, and the latest and greatest tights trends of the year are rolling in! When it comes to tights, winter is really your time to shine, but you can wear even your most opaque tights well into the spring with all of your favorite springtime outfits. If you’re gearing up to ready your tights wardrobe, a few picks we suggest prioritizing are:

  • Polka dot tights – Polka dots are expected to be absolutely massive in the fashion world in 2020, and there is no better place to embrace this trend than through hosiery. Polka dot tights can be used to make pattern-mixing seamless, to add a little flair to business wear, to add whimsical sexiness to a date night outfit, or to wear with tailored shorts to bring your favorite summer pieces into the cooler weather seasons. When pattern mixing, you can pair a small polka dot tight with a larger polka dot pattern, you can mix with striped looks, and you can do the classic pairing of polka dot tights with florals.
  • Decked out in diamonds – 2020 isn’t about the diamonds on your finger, your wrist, or your neck, it’s all about the diamonds on your legs! One huge trend we’re really loving for the new year is diamond patterned tights, which can be found textured, in diamond pattern plaids, and in diamond shaped embellishments. With florals or with sleek sophisticated looks, diamond pattern tights bring out a certain versatile retro-vintage appeal.
  • Bright colors – Color is going nowhere in terms of tights, and this year is screaming brighter is better. A throwback vintage appeal seems to be a trend across the board, with this look harking back to the mod-style of the late 1960’s. Opaque brightly colored tights are accenting mini-skirts or mini-shorts, bringing out colors in patterned tops, and meeting at the ankle with a delightful chunky bootie. Invest in brightly colored tights and get ready to perfect that eyeliner wing to really embrace the quirky fun of 2020.
  • Leopard goes nowhere – 2019 was really big on leopard prints, and this is a trend that is rolling right over into this year. If you haven’t invested in a great pair of leopard tights yet, the good news is it’s not too late.

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