Bonnie Doon: Fun Legwear for Every Outfit

Legwear brand Bonnie Doon launched in 1957 as a playful, colourful, and fashionable new option. The brand is proud of its history and has adapted their products as fashion trends came and went – in the seventies, knee socks were super popular, while in the nineties, they increased their offerings of leg warmers and over the kneees.

Bonnie Doon come out with a brand new, seasonal collection twice a year, always looking out for what’s new, alongside their ever reliable basics range.

I love these cute ice cream socks, and I feel like this photo represents Bonnie Doon so well! Their products and their styling is so much fun, and these look super cute with heels!

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Bonnie Doon have a great range of opaque tights in a range of different colours and I love these bright pink ones! They are 70 denier and a fantastic price

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