Bodystockings vs Pantyhose

Bodystockings always make a nice gift: they’re exciting, they’re not mainstream and they’re definitely something that will spice up one’s life in deliciously unexpected ways. They’re also relatively easy to shop for, because one of the most delicate issues when shopping for lingerie for someone else – size – isn’t really a problem with them. Given their elasticity, they only come in regular- or plus size, which is pretty easy to decide for everyone.

When it comes to actual tights, the wide range of sizes available, and the importance of getting size right, make the purchasing of a gift pair quite a daunting challenge.

bodystocking01As someone who has been a major hosiery fan and connoisseur her entire life, I’ve always found that proper hosiery sizing  is THE most important factor when it comes to determining exactly what sort of experience one will get out of a pair of tights or stockings. As such, I have never liked one-size-fits-all solutions, as they usually only fit one size indeed and only kind of fit others, definitely not good-enough when it comes to quality hosiery.

Indeed, as I’ve learned over the years, the one-size-fits-all path is a sort of a shortcut characteristic of low-quality hosiery, and in the case of bodystockings, this assumption of mine has been confirmed time and time again. Far above and beyond sizing issues though, I’ve also found that none of the bodystockings I’ve purchased have ever lived up to the hype and mental image their online ads, pictures and descriptions had created in my mind before hitting that “Add to Cart” button. They all seem to be low-quality when compared to pantyhose in the same price-range, regardless of the brand name of the creator.

bs4I’ve had Music Legs, Dreamgirl, Livco Corsetti, Vivace, Elegant Moments and above all Leg Avenue bodystockings, and they all seemed coarse, rough-cut imitations of pantyhose, with nasty seams, blocky patterns and generally unattractive sheerness and sheen. It is obvious: bodystockings are simply never meant to provide a wearing experience anywhere close to what leading pantyhose brands promote these days. They’re niche products, which are never meant for everyday wearing, and which apparently need to fulfill certain price-range requirements…and all that comes at the expense of quality.

I can understand all that, what I cannot comprehend though is how it’s possible that no one has thus far figured to produce some luxury version of their bodystockings. They certainly possess the technological knowhow to produce such garments, and regardless of the niche nature of the product, there will always be customers interested in purchasing such bodystockings. As illustrated by the tights industry, the possibilities in this respect are indeed quite endless.

Just imagine bodystockings based on Wolford’s Fatal Neon…featuring that wonderfully glossy and fine material, with no seams whatsoever. They could be made with long sleeves or with a tank-style top, and they would sell like hotcakes.

They could even be called Fatal Neon bodystockings. Imagine the same thing based on the Platino Clean Cut 15 pantyhose, the most deliciously sheer and glossy tights currently on the market, finished with laser-assisted machinery to redefine hosiery perfection.

Now imagine that Platino Clean Cut 15 bodystocking in different color shades, or with subtle floral patterns added here and there…as I said: the possibilities are endless.

Granted, such bodystockings would be extremely expensive, after all, the nylons they would be based on are expensive as they are too, but boy, they would definitely be worth it. They would completely redefine the bodystocking industry.

Let’s hope that someday we’ll see and be able to buy such bodystockings. In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for the current one-size-fits-all monstrosities which all look like they rolled off the same knitting machine with slight pattern and style-variations.


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    love tights , pantyhose and bodystockings all are nice I don’t care much for leg avenue for the reason of sizing plus the quality in the feel not into mantyhose for the reason of lack of color choices I buy womens pantyhose and tights

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