Black Pantyhose: Your Most Versatile Article Of Clothing

Black Pantyhose: Your Most Versatile Article Of Clothing

Black stockings are the most important basic of your wardrobe. They pair with nearly every outfit from a formal gown to a pair of ripped denim shorts. There are so many ways to wear this fashion staple that you should definitely invest in a couple pairs.

Reasons To Stock Up On Black Pantyhose

There are a lot of good reasons to stock up on
black pantyhose including:

1.   They match nearly everything you already own

2.   You won’t have to shave your legs the day you
wear black pantyhose, so they are great for when you are running late and still
look elegant

3.   Black pantyhose give the illusion of slimmer
legs for those ladies who feel they have thick legs and calves

4.   Black pantyhose will cover leg imperfections
such as cellulite, pimpled legs or even varicose veins

5.   They transform your summer outfits into a
fall/winter look

Favorite Black Pantyhose Options For Your Wardrobe

At, we offer a variety of black
pantyhose in different fibers, textures, and thicknesses. To get you started on
collecting black tights here are some of our favorites:

●    Alba Chiara 40 Tights: The perfect basic black
sheer tights that go with everything. The Alba Chiara has a brief top and
reinforced toe so they are comfortable and durable.

●    Opaque Seamless Tights Miss 60: A simple pair of black opaque tights that go
with everything. They are completely seamless so they’ll lie flat under
anything you wear.

●    Thin Up 40 Modeling Pantyhose: If you are looking
for a little shaping, the Thin Up Modeling Pantyhose are ideal. They’ll slim
you down and go with everything.

●    Sharon 20 Fashion Tights: For those who like
to take fashion risks, the Sharon 20 tights are a great option. Black with a
funky geometric pattern, they can help you mix it up.

These basics will help you start building your
perfect collection of black pantyhose. Once you have these, you can then start
playing with different looks like the vintage lace on Claire 40 Fashion Tights or the edgy Fishnet Tights with Leopardo Print.

Is Key

Since black tights are the most function staple
of your wardrobe, it is important that you invest in high-quality, European
style pantyhose. High quality tights like those offered by won’t
rip, get runs, or pile. With basic care, they will last you for years.

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