Why back seams are obligatory?

Back seamed tightsBack seamed tights / pantyhose are the old way. Until the early fifties (1950’s we mean), all sheer hosiery were literally seamed together in the back, for the limits of the technology.

It’s the Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor style – something that became classic and stays forever in fashion. It’s the Ultimate Hosiery Style. Elegant, sexy and classic.

By terms of fashionology, the lines help the eyes to catch a fix path on the leg: instinctively, anyone who sees the back seam, wonders where the lines lead to. So that eyes will scan at a glance the whole leg, also check both ends. That’s why it’s important to wear shoes that fit the hose perfectly, and to care about details of the dress that is worn above.

Freud would probably also add that the male perceives that two lines as two arrows (or let’s interpret the seams as an extreme distortion of the female breasts), as a pattern painted on the back of the female, inviting the male for… mating? Luckily, we cannot ask him, but the Average Street Male would probably agree heavily, albeit using different terms.

We collected a few links to help you buy them:

Legwear International (UK): http://www.legwearinternational.com/tights/seamed-tights/
UKTights (UK): https://www.uktights.com/tights/seamed-tights
Americal Apparel (US): http://store.americanapparel.net/en/sheer-luxe-back-seam-pantyhose_rsaphhb1

We’ll also write about the ‘cuban heel’ next time.

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