Austrian Airlines sticks to red tights


An old memory of mine came up recently: a while ago I was coming back from Yerevan, and was changing at Vienna airport. To my biggest surprise, there were lot of beautiful ladies wearing all kind of red tights and pantyhose.

Soon I figured out that it was part of the uniform at the Austrian Airlines.

I was wondering ever since if the ladies did it voluntarily or not, and what was their opinion about the red tights.

So I just discovered a press release from the summer of 2015, by Austrian Airlines. They have actually asked their collegues to vote about the tights, and the female employees of Austrian Airlines have made themselves heard: 1.352 employees or 70 percent of them have voted for the red tights and red shoes as part of the future uniform. 579 employees or 30 percent of them voted for the nude tights and black shoes. Austrian Airlines had included the ladies involved in the decision-making process over the design of the new uniform.

They also wrote that the red tights were introduced in 1996, twenty years ago.

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