Artificial gill: changing the world, or scamming it?


Want to swim like a fish, and breathe under the water? This indiegogo campaign promises not less, than having the ability to spend 10-15 or more minutes in shallow waters, with using only the small and handy equipment seen on the image. Watch their first promo video:


But others are not that convinced, saying it’s technically impossible for many reasons. Read sceptic opinions here (links open in new window): and

We are very interested. Scuba divers are told to be wearing pantyhose under their diving suits, although we’ve never seen that. Maybe we could just wear pantyhose and the Triton gills for our next dive?

And the link to the project:–2#/ – be careful, it really looks like a scam, even it might be not.

Editor’s note 17/07: This project was totally cancelled and refunded. I even had to replace the youtube video.

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