Are You Putting On Your Hosiery Correctly?

Are You Putting On Your Hosiery Correctly?

Even the best made European hosiery will have a certain delicate nature to it. Even when it’s built to last, the wrong care of your hosiery can leave you with holes, runs, and pilling along the surface of the nylon. At, we want you to get the very best out of your hosiery, and we know that this starts with just how you put your hosiery on. For many who find they run through hosiery too often, they don’t realize that their method of putting on their hosiery could be contributing to their problem in a major way.

The process of putting on your hosiery starts long
before you even pull your hose out from your drawer. Ideally, you’ll prepare
your hands, legs, and feet before each time you put on your hose. Split or
jagged nails, rough skin, and jewelry can all snag on your hosiery and cause
the materials to break down. Before ever putting on your hose, make sure your
nails are taken care of, your jewelry taken off, your legs moisturized, and
your skin exfoliated to ensure your hosiery has nothing to snag onto.

Next, you’ll want to put your hosiery in a
front-forward position. With hosiery in the right position, you’re ready to
gather one leg with your hands until you reach the toe of the hosiery. Hold the
waist gently, and use your fingers to slowly bunch the hosiery until your
thumbs reach the toe area. Once bunched, insert your foot into the toe portion
and allow the hosiery to un-bunch as you draw it up your leg. Once you reach
just above the knee, stop pulling the hosiery up and begin the process on the
other leg.

After your legs are covered, you should have enough
material left over to easily pull the hosiery up to your waist. You may have to
make some adjustments to ensure there are no twists or bunches in your hosiery,
and these should be done carefully as not to put unnecessary stress on the

When you put on your hosiery the right way, you’re
completing the first necessary step to ensuring you’re taking the best possible
care of your hose. For more on hosiery care, or finding that perfect pair,
contact us at today.

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