All Things 90’s Are New Again And This Includes Knee High Hosiery

 All Things 90’s Are New Again And This Includes Knee High Hosiery

Just in case you haven’t made your way into a department or clothing store recently, all things 90’s are back in fashion in a huge way. The grunge looks, schoolgirl skirts, plenty of flannel, and distressed straight leg jeans are all over runways and main streets all over America, and this bodes well for hosiery. The 90’s saw a ton of great hosiery looks, and one that we’re particularly excited about at is the resurgence of the knee high. Knee high hosiery hasn’t had a day in the trend spotlight for a number of years, and bringing this look back into mainstream trend fashion brings a whole lot of great look possibilities.

Of course you can wear a knee high sock or hose with a short skirt and look perfectly on trend with the 90’s look, but there’s ways to update the look as well to really embrace the 90’s going 2018. One way to bring this look into a modern place is pairing a knee high sock with an opaque tight underneath. For fall and winter, you also get the benefit of an extra warmth layer while looking sophisticated in casual or professional styles. A black knee high sock like the Diagonal 70 Fashion Knee-Highs with the opaque Artica 120 Tights in Wool and Cotton is a sophisticated way to try the look.

Another way to modernize the knee-high look is by pairing your favorite knee highs with a pair of modern shorts. The look of a tailored short is a modern style that is fail-safe and flawless, and you can take your favorite pairs of shorts into pre-fall and fall by adding in a favorite knee-high to go along with them. When paired with a chunky heel you can ramp up the trendiness, and with a refined heel you can bring it to a more sophisticated space. For adding a little sex appeal into your look, the Rettem Mi Bas Knee-Highs are perfect.

When it comes to footwear to pair with your knee-highs, you have a lot of options available to curate different looks. If you’re not quite sure what to do, or you’re a little intimidated trying something new, a closed toe bootie is one pick you can never go wrong with. The bootie can be paired with a skirt or with shorts and it’s always seasonally and trend appropriate.

If you’re looking to embrace the knee-high trend, we at have everything you need to get it started. Check out what we might have for you today at today!

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