Advertising on – the best audience for your ads – already targeted

From the beginning of 2018, we offer traditional banner advertisements. They can be any format, even html5, but we don’t recommend Flash as many computers won’t play it.

We are using an independent company specialising in serving ads. They filter bots, prevent multi-clicks from individual users or IP addresses, and they provide the statistics.

There are no intermediary companies like with Google Ads, so we can be affordable for everyone.

And of course, your ads go only to the target audience – anyone interested in tights, pantyhose, socks (and later swimwear).

As we believe only in results, we decided to go with click-based payments (CPC). You only pay after user clicks on your ad. To follow conversions, you can install conversion tags in your purchase page (just like in our demo), and you can follow actual conversions.

Targeting: you can target by country and by city, and also by county in most cases + you can set a radius (eg. London + 50 miles).

We can also give you access to our Google Analytics page to see your audience.

For any more info please contact Chan: chan (at) tights (dot) fun