5 Ways To Make Your Legs Look Longer And Leaner

5 Ways To Make Your Legs Look Longer And Leaner

The appearance of longer and leaner legs is something that many women strive for. At Hosieree.com, our products strive to bring out the most from your legs, which includes giving you a longer and leaner appearance with many of our options. However, there are a few ways a woman can really bring out the beauty of her legs, and 5 ways to make your legs look longer and leaner today are:

  • Wide-leg pant – Wide leg pants work magic on the length of your legs. With a wide leg pant, you’ll want a smooth transition from hip to leg, not a dramatic bell-bottom shape, and you will want the bottoms of your pants to nearly cover your footwear completely. While it may seem like a wide leg pant would add girth to the leg, they actually do just the opposite. If you’ve been toying with the idea of pairing chunky platform shoes and colored hosiery, doing this under wide leg pants is a great way to break into the trend in a safe but fun retro way.
  • Go high-rise – High rise pants and skirts give the illusion of your legs starting quite a bit higher than they really do, thereby giving you a good few inches of perceived length. High-rise pants and skirts can be found in edgy styles, perfect for pairing with fishnet hosiery, or classic styles that go well with your traditional nude hosiery socks.
  • Use your seam – Seamed hosiery has been used to elongate and slim the leg for decades, and there’s good reason for it. Simply put, the simple addition of a seamed pair of hose draws the eye up the leg, providing the illusion of greater length and a streamlined appearance. To see the proof for yourself, our Hyde Park Back Seam Pantyhose are a classic example.
  • Don’t underestimate nude hosiery – Nude hosiery has the same effect as tanning or sunless tanner, but they tend to be much healthier for your skin and your hosiery can always be removed at the end of the day. The polished look a pair of nude hose lends to the leg naturally elongates and slims. Our Trasparenze Brigitte Gloss Pantyhose feature several nude shades perfect for pulling off that polished look.

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