5 toe nylon hosiery from Toesox.de

One of our dear readers drew our attention to the Toesox.de shop, where – amongts other footwear – one can find a huge range of five-toe hosiery.

From 17-den ultrasheer to 110 den colored version, you can also find compression and antibacterial tights. Amazingly, there is even a fishnet variation.


We never had them, and promising to do a feature on the 5-toe hosiery as soon as possible.

The description says that they are from Japan, and are very good to keep toes warm during winter.

They are also warmly recommended for men, by the website. Even more amazingly, most of the images are showing men wearing the 5-toe pantyhose.


Visit them today, and tell us your experience with the 5-toe pantyhose: http://www.toesox.de/5-toes/nylonstruempfe/

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