5 Options for Black Tights

People may say that black tights are too basic- but we disagree! There are so many ways to wear black tights and so many options to choose from. They’re not a basic,they’re a wardrobe staple! Here are 5 black tights that all work in different outfits for different occasions.


Basic Sheer Tights

These tights from Heist are 30 denier, which works really well for evening looks or for in between weather in spring and the start of autumn.

Shop here: https://www.heist-studios.com/products/the-thirty


Basic Opaque Tights

These Oroblu tights are 70 denier and totally opaque, perfect for colder days or for outfits where jet black is more appropriate. Wear with black shoes to elongate the legs.

Shop here: https://www.oroblu.com/uk/tights-overlook-70.html


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