4 Spring Fashion Trends For Your Legs

4 Spring Fashion Trends For Your Legs

Every spring there are new trends in the fashion world. What’s new is old and sometimes, what’s old is new. Keeping up with the trends of this season has never been easier as they’re all simple to obtain and wear with pride.

1) The 70’s are in full force with macramé and crochet, but it’s been elevated to be hot and cool at the same time. Fitting right in with the texture of spring are fishnet stockings in cool new designs. The Kate Lace Tights and Gewn Tulle Pantyhose are prime examples.

2) Monochrome neutrals are sticking around for a while, and you can even wear them from head-to-toe. From headgear in taupe to footwear in basic beige, keep it down to earth by sticking to total earth tones. Ada offers a wide range of neutral sheer pantyhose in a lightweight den that’s perfect for spring.

3) If you prefer more color than what a neutral has to offer, head to the flip side with a multi-colored pattern that entices the eye. Floral patterns mixed with graffiti is more than welcomed this spring. This trend is right on point with Hamadryas Leggings in gorgeous floral designs.

4) The 80’s called, and they want their biker shorts back. But they can’t have them because, like it or not, biker shorts are here to stay this spring. If you’re not quite ready to go the distance, shop the look and try our Diocle Knee High Effect Tights that give a faux biker-short look….but sexier.

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