3 ways to treat your feet this Christmas party season

It’s Christmas party season! So, you’re probably wondering what shoes to wear. Here, Rachel Clinkard from Charles Clinkard offers her tips for finding fashionable yet functional footwear, as well as how to care for your feet after the festivities.

Christmas is the perfect excuse to get dressed up to the
nines. And, with so many parties and festive events taking place throughout the
season, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so. There’s nothing better
than booking your hair and makeup appointments and putting together the perfect
party outfit — finished with a pair of dazzling shoes.

If the thought of spending a whole evening strapped into a
pair of painful high heeled shoes is making your toes curl, you’re not alone. Research
has shown that only one in five women (22%) purchased heels last year, compared
to 29% in 2017, and more casual shoes such as flat sandals (22%) are now just as
popular as heeled shoes (Mintel).
In fact, many brands and designers famous for their sky-high stilettos are now
offering fashionable flats to keep up with this trend.

If you’re looking for fashionable yet functional flats or to
soothe sore feet after a night of celebrating Christmas, below I’ll be sharing
a few shoe shopping and footcare tips with you to help keep you dancing.

How to choose the right shoes

Aside from choosing shoes that perfectly complement your
outfit, there are a few other elements to consider when picking your perfect


Shoes that are too small can pinch and shoes that are too
large can rub, both of which can put a damper on your party spirit. So, you may
also want to get your feet measured properly before you start looking for footwear
just to make sure you’re buying the right size.


When it comes to optimum heel height, three inches or less
will feel the most comfortable and there are plenty of cute flats available
right now that will go with any party outfit. As it’s Christmas, look for
sparkly sequins, embroidery, or other embellishments to really up the wow


In terms of style, shoes with an ankle strap are easier on
your ankles and knees as you’re not working to keep your shoes on as you walk.
If you find that it’s your toes that hurt the most after a night out, look for
round or almond shaped shoes rather than a pointed toe.


Once you’ve found your dream pair of flat shoes, you can
fashion them into the comfiest pair you own by using cushioned insoles or foot
and heel inserts. These can help keep your feet as comfy as possible, even
during long bouts of standing up and celebrating. If you’ve chosen a strappy
sandal, you may also want to consider some soft strap cushioning strips to keep
them from rubbing.

Alternatively, you can protect your feet by wearing tights
or socks. Plus, they will keep you nice and warm during these chilly December

Festive footcare

In the run up to Christmas, I would recommend taking good
care of your feet to limit the number of lumps and bumps that could cause you
bother when you’re wearing your new shoes. Exfoliate gently yet thoroughly to
remove dead skin and moisturise with a foot cream to keep them soft. Make sure
your toenails are clipped and filed as they could catch or dig into the side of
your toes.

At the party, the key to stamina is giving your feet lots of
little breaks, so try sitting down every hour or so to grab a drink and give
your feet a rest. You may want to take some blister pads and plasters to the
party with you so you can target problem areas as they appear, but a
lubricating and freshening foot spray can help prevent rubbing from occurring
in the first instance. They’re designed for use when wearing shoes without
socks so they’re perfect for protecting your skin and reducing the friction.

The next day, your sore feet could do with a soak. Spend a
few minutes stretching your feet and toes, then fill a tub or footbath with
warm water and add your favourite bath oils or salts. Then, simply take a seat,
pop your feet in, and ease your tired muscles. About 20 minutes or so should do
the trick. Afterwards, target any blisters with antiseptic cream and any
swollen parts of your foot with ice, and they’ll be back to normal in no time.

The tips in this guide can help you prepare your feet and
choose shoes that are easy to wear this Christmas. Then, you can enjoy the rest
of the festive party season in style with as few blisters and bumps as
possible. Merry Christmas!

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