3 Ways to Style Your Tights

3 Ways to Style Your Tights

With the weather getting a bit colder, you have probably decided that it is time to switch our those sheer pantyhose for a pair of tights instead. Tights come in so many different colors, styles, designs, and materials; there is always something that will go perfectly with your next ensemble.

Whether you want something with a bit more coverage and a fun pattern or you want to stick with something sheer like your other hosiery, Hosieree.com has exactly what you are looking for.

Thigh High Tights

Thigh high tights paired with a t-shirt or sweater dress makes for a cute outfit and will easily go with that cute pair of black boots you recently picked up on sale too. You can get creative with the colors and patterns you choose as well.

Black Tights

Classic and traditional, black tights can go with virtually anything which makes them a versatile and extremely functional hosiery item to have in your wardrobe. For a bolder look, you can also go for a glossy and elastic fabric that will beautifully accentuate your legs and will provide you with a comfortable fit.

Black tights are the perfect foundation for any outfit and can be paired with heels or flats and can be worn under a mid-length skirt or even slacks for a more casual work look.

Sheer Tights

For a sexy evening look that goes great with that dress you have hanging in your closet, you can pair sheer tights with ankle booties. You can also wear them under a pair of denim shorts or your favorite skirt, and they can add a bit of style and personality to your ensemble.

There are also fashion tights you can choose that are sheer and have an intricate floral pattern that will show off your legs and still be appropriate for a nice dinner out.

At Hosieree.com we have every style and color you can think of when putting together your work and play outfits.

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