10 Hacks with Bye Bra Fashion Dress Tape

We’ve been getting allot of questions about the Bye Bra fashion dress Tape. So I want to talk about it with you a bit. I want to explain what it is made of and how safe it is on the human skin. And also give you some amazing tips on how to use it. With lots of fun videos to guide you through some really fun tips and tricks. 

No matter what generation you are from we all remember the famous Green dress J LO wore to the grammy awards back in 2008. That seemed to fly everywhere yet not to reavel anything. And we all wondered how does that just stay there? Around her cleavage so perfectly? 

A few years later came a woman called Kim Kardashian who uploaded a photo that went viral. As she taped her breasts under a dress. And revealed what use to be the biggest Celebrity Secret is now known by us all. And for those that still dont know about the Famouse Dress Tape here is some information and tips about how to wear it.

So what is Fashion Tape / Dress Tape?

Fashion Dress tape is a double sided tape which you use to keep clothing in place on your skin. The big difference between fashion tape and normal double sided tape is that the adhesive we sell by Bye Bra Holland is a Medical tape by 3M which is FDA aproved and used in hospitals which means it is very safe to be used on your skin.
A good idea is to test it first on your skin just to be sure you dont get a reaction. ( although if a 3M bandage never gave you a reaction you wont get one with the Bye Bra Tape)It wont damage your clothes. If you are worried about this you can do a test on the inside of a seam before using it.
The dress tape is made from a 3M adhesive and the size of the strips are 23mm by 82mm. They are much wider and longer than the average dress tape. This is a handy feature, because the dress tape should remain on all night long, while most dress tapes are too thin to be able to do so. The 3M adhesive is of exceptional quality – it is gentle on both, skin and garments. The protective layers between them ensure that the strips do not stick together before usage. There are 30 strips in a pack, however as they are 82mm you can cut them in half so you will have 60 strips.

How do you use it?

To use the Bye Bra Dress Fashion Tape, pull off the back of one side to expose the glue, and stick it where you want to use it. Smooth it out with your finger. When it’s secure, pull off the back of the other side to expose the glue, and secure your fabric or skin as needed.

What is it good for?

Ok So your not J Lo and you don’t wear such deep cut clothing. So what else is the dress tape good for?
You wont believe how many things you can actually use this amazingly versatile Dress tape.
Just a quick tip I use allot. I love buttoned shirts and sometimes at the breast area the space between the buttons opens. And I never understand why there isnt another button there (right?) so I just cut a piece of tape and place it there. Vwaalaa. Fixed. 
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